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Modular houses

We are professionals in the production of modular houses and cabins, recognized both in Lithuania and abroad. 

KT modules designs, manufactures and installs innovative, practical solutions for modular houses and cabins for life or business. We can implement even the most sophisticated customer needs.

Organized work and a strong team precisely implement the projects, which is reflected in constant customer satisfaction and the rapid growth of the company due to its impeccable reputation.

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Manufacturer and exporter of modular homes throughout Europe

Having worked successfully in the international space for more than 3 years, we have gained trust in Scandinavia and other European countries as an innovative and reliable company. We look at business responsibly - we ensure the highest standards of sustainability, environmental protection, worker safety and business ethics in our activities. This is confirmed by our code of conduct and the evaluations obtained by the highest institutions.


We are ISO, OHSAS and EN certified. We follow LEAN practices, which use the Swedish operational efficiency system IRP.

"A reliable partner with a broad approach."
Tero Jonasson

Real experts in the production of modular houses and cabins

We are innovators in modular construction. We successfully implement projects that require creativity, non-standard thinking and the highest level of project management and engineering skills.

We are often invited as reliable experts in this industry to share our knowledge on TV shows and the media.

Our production processes

A large but still flexible production base with refined processes allows us to produce extremely high quality modular houses and cabins. We can implement even the most complex projects.


Developed production base

We currently have one of the most developed production bases in the Baltic countries. We have all the necessary equipment for the production of even the most complex modular houses.


Worked out error-free processes

In order to standardize quality, we developed our processes into an efficient, fast, smooth and, most importantly, error-free system.


We complete projects on time

We are demanding of ourselves and protect our hard-earned reputation, so we finish 9 out of 10 projects on time.

If I were to predict unforeseen circumstances in the global raw materials market, the result would be 10/10. 

frequently asked Questions

How much do modular homes cost?

The price depends on the materials chosen for the production of the modular house, the complexity of the project and other factors. Each client is individual, so the price of your desired project is calculated by specialists according to the specifics of your request.

How long does it take to make a modular house?

Depending on the complexity of the project, production usually takes between 6-8 weeks.

What is the ordering process?

After initial consultations, a technical specification is drawn up, a 3D visualization is drawn. After the customer's approval, a cooperation agreement is signed and production begins. 

Let's talk about your project

Feel free to contact us and share your dream modular house or cabin vision. Experienced and professional managers will help you find the optimal solution.